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Marine Brocvielle

Bonjour Aimée jewelry are original designs by designer Marine Brocvielle. She imagines strong pieces, full of character with singular lines. Jewels that awaken the personality of women, a graphic mixture between Art Deco influences, architectural and even ethnic inspirations. Always with a retro touch for a timeless universe.

The designer’s love for jewelry was born from childhood. Her mother owned a superb jewelry box whose treasures Marine loved to discover. A row of pearls, large clip-on loops in the shape of a terrestrial globe, a long necklace with an imposing monogram, as many different pieces that her mother mixed according to her outfits.

Growing up, jewelry has kept this important place in the fashion designer. They have become a way to express his identity and to assert his style in a different way. During her studies in Environment, she created her first jewel: a medallion made from a 50-franc piece inherited from her great-grandfather. She gets caught up in the game by creating other models and thus her first collections. In 2014, once her diploma was in hand, she embarked on the adventure fully under the brand name Vous Mademoiselle. Over the years, the style of jewelry has been refined and asserted more and more. The brand then became Bonjour Aimée in 2018 to better match this graphic and neo-retro universe.

Each piece of jewelry is a unique design by Bonjour Aimée. In her studio in Lille, Marine sketches her ideas in small notebooks before transcribing them digitally. A work of several weeks before finding the perfect shape, a rich and harmonious engraving, the ideal proportions. Once the designs are finished, its French partner artisans give life to jewelry in metal. They then go through other stages of manufacturing: polishing, welding, shaping, gilding with fine gold, etc. The jewelry then returns to the Lille workshop for the final stages of enameling and assembly. French know-how for high costume jewelry.


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